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Vintage Sweetheart Jewelry

by | Apr 22, 2017 | Family Care

While I am a fan of the occasional milso shirt or accessory, sometimes I want to wear something that doesn’t scream “MILITARY WIFE!” and instead is a bit more subtle.  I’ve discovered so many incredible vintage pieces that allow me to rock my military pride in a classy, not-so-obvious way in my outfits. Personally, I think a lot of these are way prettier than modern military pride accessories out there today.

Check out some of the fun pieces below, and know there’s plenty more available!  If you want to know where to find things like this or have something specific in mind, let me know.  I’ll help you track it down.

Some things you should know about vintage jewelry: there are some things that are major collector’s items, and some that are plentiful and inexpensive.  There’s a piece to fit your budget!  In general, plastic pieces will be more expensive because they’re collectible, and obviously precious metals and stones will up the price.  But, like I said, there’s a piece out there to fit your budget and aesthetic!

Also, you’re not going to find any Air Force pieces that are older than around 1950… ‘cuz the Air Force wasn’t invented as its own branch until the late 1940s.  Just a heads up!  These jewelry pieces can add a patriotic detail to show your pride in your loved one.

1940s Engraveable Sweetheart Brooch

Army eagle blue star brooch

US Air Force Pin

V for Victory Army Air Corps pendant

Army helmet pin

WWII Marines pin

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V for Victory wife brooch

1940s Navy charm bracelet

WWII “Sweetheart in Service” pin

Vintage Army Air Corps Locket

WWII Navy Brooch

Vintage plane pendant

Vintage infantry pin

Have you ever considered vintage sweetheart jewelry?  Do you have any pieces you especially love in this post?


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