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The First Month

by | Jul 15, 2018 | Career & Learning, Family Care

As of 24 June, I’ve officially been commissioned for a month. (It feels like much longer.)  Right after graduation from OTS, Jacob and I threw our suitcases in the car and met our home goods at my first assignment in Idaho!

We drove several days from Alabama to Idaho and moved into a hotel to hang out until our house was ready. The day after we arrived, I checked in and started my in-processing. I was in the office almost immediately and began learning things, getting certifications, meeting people, etc. (SO MANY forms to fill out and accounts to create!) With a day or two off to move into our house, Jacob and I got everything into our new house in less than a day. While I was at work, Jacob began unpacking and organizing our stuff.

Things at work were a bit hectic for my coworkers, and I plugged away at hours of CBTs and other training. Jacob was awesome and handled our meal-making in the meantime.  A couple weeks into our time in Idaho, though, Jacob left for a few weeks to do some chaplaincy training in another state.

The circumstances are different from the first time Jacob left for training while we were married. I’m busier than I was last time. I’m more tired in general as I create a new “normal” and a routine. I don’t have community quite yet, so I’m doing more things alone. My dryer broke and my vehicle’s tail light went out. This time around I have a yard to take care of, other additional chores, and a full-time job.
But you know what?  This separation actually feels easier than last time. I’m not totally sure why, but I think a lot of it has to do with having gone through a separation before.  That and now we’re both in the Air Force. I’m not waiting like I was last time. We’re doing it! We’re living the dream!

It’s amazing how even the difficult, frustrating, or mundane can become easier when you can see it taking you closer to your goals and dreams. The proverb is right, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” There are undoubtedly hard times in military life (and just life in general), but sometimes I pause and realize I’m living the things I dreamed about years ago.

Even when “the dream” isn’t as simple or as magical as I imagined it would be, it rekindles my passion and dedication to remember. I was willing to do a lot to get to this dream and worked hard because I knew it would be worth it. And it is. When I remember those motivations, the “whys” that pushed me forward, it helps me get through frustration, to get out of the weeds of life and see the big picture again.

Jacob and I only have a little while until we’re together again. We’re grateful for the opportunities the Air Force is giving us and excited to keep working at this dream together to the best of our abilities. Go Team Rogers!


  1. Melissa Tharpe

    You are so encouraging. Thank you for the encouraging words and sharing your life with the inter webs. My husband is in the process of joining the Air Force as and Officer and it is always so encouraging to hear how you and your husband are doing it and thriving. Thank you SO much and please keep posting.

    • Emileigh

      That’s great to hear, Melissa! It’s always nice to know others are reading and finding things helpful. 🙂
      Good luck to you guys on your journey; it’s going to be amazing!


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