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Book Review: Turn the Ship Around!

He said, “I would have to grapple with the tension between how I aspired to be as a leader and how I actually was.” This man is speaking my 2nd lieutenant language. I was hooked because I can identify; I’ve had very much the same types of experiences already in my short time in the Air Force: times where leaders have trusted me with responsibility and authority that made for some of my best days in the Air Force, and times where I have tried to pass that on to my airmen only to watch my efforts fail.

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Book Review: Winning Through Culture

“It’s been said that people only remember two types squadron commanders, the best they ever had, and the worst. Our charge to you is: be the best. Be remembered as a commander whose bold leadership changed lives and inspired greatness. As squadron commanders we are entrusted with our Air Force’s most valuable assets – America’s sons and daughters. If that isn’t enough intrinsic motivation, this job isn’t for you.”

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What’s It Like to Be Pregnant In the Military?

I’ve had a couple questions/conversations during my pregnancy that have made me realize a lot of people don’t really know what it’s like for pregnant women in the military. Totally understandable, particularly because the typical “face” of the military isn’t often a woman, and definitely not a pregnant woman!

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