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Becoming a Better Runner

Whether you are getting ready for a PT test or just trying to get into shape, running can be an important part. My coach back in the day used to tell us that you couldn’t fake being a good runner because it takes time and hark work. Although you’ve got to give it time to be a good runner, that doesn’t mean you can’t be efficient about it, too.  These tips will not shave a minute off your mile time, but they will help you avoid some common mistakes. Start today Sometimes the hardest part of running is taking the...

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Review: Corcoran Marauder Boots

Out of BMT, of course the only uniform pieces I had were the ones I had been issued, including the boots.  The boots were heavy, and they were tedious to lace in a way that felt comfortable.  I decided to buy other ones to go with my ABUs, the Corcoran Men’s 10 inch Marauder boots. One of their most obvious features is that they look different from the other boots available.  They’ve got cool suede leatherwork and look more streamlined than other designs.  (Although the newer version seems to have different colored suede pieces that don’t contrast as much.)...

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