Author: Emileigh

How to Help Your Studying/Training Spouse Succeed

My husband Jacob is currently in his third year of seminary.  His Masters of Divinity program takes about four years to complete, and he is juggling work and school as he works toward his goal of military chaplaincy. I won’t lie to you guys, it’s been rough sometimes.  Our schedules don’t always line up, finances are tight, there’s pressure for him to do well to be chosen to go active duty in the future… lots of things.  And as his wife, sometimes I’ve felt like I’ve put my life on hold while he finishes school and I can feel...

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10 Adventures Near Ft. Leonard Wood

Ft. Leonard Wood is located in central Missouri right off of highway I-44.  If you’ve been there, you’ll soon find it’s not near any large towns or urban centers (hence the nickname “Fort Lost-in-the-Woods).  However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t grand adventures to be had!  If you find yourself in the area, here are some fun things to do that are all within two hours’ drive of the base: 1. Elephant Rocks State Park Located about two hours east of Ft. Wood you’ll find Elephant Rocks, a geological wonder set in the hills of Missouri.  The area is home...

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Welcome From the Rogers!

Welcome, friends!  This is our very first post on the blog, and we are SO excited about it!  We decided to co-write a blog to fill in the gaps we’ve found in the military blogosphere.  There are so many ways to do military life, and we hope to share a bit of ours and gather stories and advice from others along the way. We are starting this blog for three reasons: To keep our families up to date on our lives. (Of course.) To document and share the knowledge we learn from relationships in “real life” with others. To...

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