Emileigh Jacob Air Force CoupleHello friends!  We’re Jacob and Emileigh Rogers, the authors behind this military lifestyle blog.  We are passionate about equipping and encouraging warriors and their families to stay in step with each other and thrive where they are.  We’ll be sharing some of our observations and tips for military life along our personal journey.

What does “Lead With the Left” mean?
For those who have been in the military, this is a familiar term. It comes from the rules of marching that require everyone to always start with their left foot when marching forward.  It keeps everyone in sync and helps multiple warriors maneuver as one unit.

How did you guys meet each other?
Emileigh: Jacob and I met in college through a mutual friend.  I had always said I would never marry an airman or coast guardsman (coming from a family with Army and Marines heritage), but despite that, the newly-enlisted Jacob still caught my eye.  We started dating, and he left for Basic Military Training three months later.  We dated long-distance for several months as he trained and worked at a base several hours away.  Our relationship survived and thrived, and after three long years of dating we finally got married a week after our college graduation in 2014! (Yep, we were that couple.)

What are your personal stories? When did you join the military?


I was born and raised in Illinois, and I began my military service as an 18 year old when I signed on the dotted line to become an airman. I was an enlisted reservist and served in Civil Engineering during my undergrad study at a bible college. These days I’m an Individually Mobilized Augmentee Chaplain in the Air Force Reserve. My goal is to become an active duty Christian chaplain that encourages and supports warriors and their families. I like running, piles of meat for dinner, and my strange but lovable viszla-daschund mix, Dietrich.


I was born in Missouri, and I grew up there until my family moved to Africa to do community development. I spent my last two years of high school in Egypt and Sudan where I learned to love people different from me and to thrive in tough places. I initially became connected to the military through my relationship with Jacob, but I recently joined myself and will soon be an Air Force officer.  I like lifting weights, Nutella, and vintage fashion.


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Disclaimer: We’re both in the Air Force, but of course this blog is not endorsed by the U.S. military in any way, and it holds only our own opinions.