Any of us guys in the military will be quick to agree we appreciate our wives/girlfriends holding down the fort while we are away at training or deployment, but sometimes it’s hard to express that to her, especially from a distance.  We get tired, we get busy, we get focused, and sometimes it’s just plain difficult to think of a new way to say “I love you” from miles and miles away.

Well, here are some ideas to help you out in expressing your love and appreciation even while gone.  Many of them can be done anywhere in the world with a credit card and an internet connection, and it will mean a lot to your lady to get something tangible to show you’re thinking of her.


This one is a classic, and the internet has made it easier than ever to send flowers while you’re away.  I sent my then-girlfriend/now-wife Emileigh 18 roses while I was away at tech school, and she still talks about it.  It was a total surprise when she got home and had a bunch of flowers on her porch, and I scored major boyfriend points for that one.  Just research to find a florist near your wife/girlfriend and call, email, or order online.  Bonus points if you can remember her favorite flower or color to include in the bouquet.

Restaurant Gift Certificate

Get your wife a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or coffee shop to enjoy with a friend or two while you’re away.  A lot of times spouses don’t take time to do something for themselves, and she won’t be able to get out of it with a gift card!  Can’t let that go to waste.  Or, if you want to make it a surprise, send it to her BFF and ask her to take your wife out to lunch for you.  Guaranteed she’ll enjoy the time with a friend.

iTunes Playlist

If you’ve got the internet connection to do it, compile and gift an iTunes playlist to send to your wife.  Pick songs she may not have in her library that capture your feelings for her and email it to her with a heartfelt note.

The Six Box

This cool subscription service is just like the care packages military members get… except it’s tailored to military spouses!  They come out with a new box every month that has a few gifts, and they make it possible for you to send a personalized card with it.  It averages $40 a box, and that’s a small price to pay for the lady who’s got your six!

Buy Something She Wants

Find her Etsy/Amazon/Pinterest wishlist and buy something from it to send to her.  You know she’ll love it (she saved it on her list after all) and it’s easy to make it a total surprise.  Just put her address in the shipping section.  If you’re buying from a smaller shop (like on Etsy) you can also leave a message to the seller asking him or her to include a note in the package to let her know it’s from you.  They’re usually happy to oblige.


If you are short on cash but there is a post office available, a nice hand-written letter will do the trick. Save up some good stories, draw a picture on the back, or just tell her about your day.  (Even if you told her the same thing yesterday over facetime… it will still be meaningful written down, trust me.)  The time it takes to write a good letter will communicate all the love she can receive in an envelope. Spray some cologne on it and you are ready to stick it in the mail box.

Do you have any other tactics for showing your lady appreciation while far away?  How did you make a total husband slam dunk while long-distance?