Month: February 2018

7 Reasons Why I “Let” My Wife Join the Military

When my wife, who was at that time my girlfriend, asked if I would be okay with her joining the Air Force,  I thought about it for a minute… then gave her my full support. After that conversation, over the years of dating and then marriage, people have questioned me on my thinking: “Why would you let your wife join the military?” “How can you send your wife into harm’s way?” “You need to get your woman under control.” “Won’t her military career get in the way of you achieving your own dreams?” “Fighting is a man’s job.” “I...

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Book Review: Shoot Like a Girl

Shoot Like a Girl: One Woman’s Dramatic Fight in Afghanistan and on the Home Front Major Mary Jennings Hegar © 2017, 292 pages I’ve been scanning the suggested reading lists from military leaders and seeing which books are available at my local library, and I found this book on the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Professional Reading List for 2017. There aren’t many books by female authors on these lists, so this one caught my eye. That and the freaking awesome title and cover. This book is the autobiographical account of Major Hegar, a recipient of the...

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7 Tips for Waiting Well

Last May I swore in to the U.S. Air Force. Ever since then, I’ve been waiting to go to training and get my service started. It will have been about three years since I started the recruitment process and almost a year since I swore in when I finally start training. I’m a doer, so that’s a long time for me to sit on a goal without being able to officially “do” anything to achieve it. While the Air Force had a prerequisite online course for me to do while I wait to go to OTS, the rest of...

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