Month: December 2017

Book Review: Rules & Tools for Leaders

Rules & Tools for Leaders: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Effective Managing Maj. Gen. Perry M. Smith, Ph.D., USAF (Retired) © 1998, 2002, 296 pages Recently, I asked a mentor to recommend some books that he thinks a young future lieutenant would benefit from reading. As a former Army Colonel with over thirty years in the military, his recommendations are valuable to me. In fact, he did better than just recommend books; he brought a box of them for me and others to sort through and borrow. This book by Maj. Gen. Smith is one of those. Rules & Tools...

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11 Tips for COT

This past summer I attended COT, commissioned officer training.  This training is the basic training equivalent for the non-line Air Force officers who receive their commission pre-training.  (This includes medical officers, JAG, and chaplains.) I am prior enlisted, so the learning curve wasn’t as steep for me as it was for some of the others. Below I’ve got some tips from my classmates and I to help you while you’re at COT. (Read this post for things you should master before training.) Don’t jump on a command job (group commander, any group-level leaders) in the first couple days unless you’re...

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Female Warriors: Dress to Impress?

“You don’t really look like someone I’d want defending our country.” “Your style is too masculine.” “I’m surprised you are in the military; you wear lipstick and stuff.” These are some of the things friends and I have been told about our appearances in our pursuit of military careers.  While most were not intended to be insulting, they all imply that something about how we dress and look as women is not “warrior-ish” in someone’s eyes. For me, fashion is a fun hobby.  I’ve had a vintage fashion blog for a few years now, and I enjoy wearing styles...

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