Month: October 2017

Book Review: It Worked for Me

It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership Colin Powell (with Tony Koltz) © 2012, 283 pages I’ll admit, I haven’t read a whole book for fun in a while. However, as I’m gearing up for officer training in March I am feeling increasingly motivated to become an “expert” in my field.  The number one way I’ve heard recommended time and again of how to do this is to read and read a lot.  Reading about topics related to leadership, followership, history, politics, etc. can only help me in becoming the best airman I can be.  Thus, I made...

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Remembering Spiritual Milestones

Setting up reminders of what God has done in our lives is an important part of our faith and spiritual walk that helps us get through tough times. When we remember what God has done, we can more easily summon the faith and trust in God needed to persevere in present hardships and sufferings. Faith is not blind but based on evidence of what God has done. Today, I would like to share some of the reminders from my own life and the moments when they got me through difficulty. You might have heard the Christianese term “stone of...

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