Month: April 2017

Recruitment Process…Concluded!

As some of you know, I have been in the recruitment process for the Air Force for about two years now.  The ambiguous waiting was long and difficult, the inconveniences and frustrations many.  In fall of 2016, I was finally supposed to receive an answer as to whether or not I would be offered an officer’s commission.  When the time came… the results of the boards were delayed six months due to the political climate. I put it out of my mind and tried not to think about it until I was supposed to get an answer in April.  In...

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Vintage-Inspired Couple Photos

Until this week, our most recent, good couple photos were from our wedding… three years ago.  Yes, we were way behind.  When the chance to go to a military ball hosted by the Veterans’ Associations at our local universities came up, Jacob and I took it!  We also used the reason to dress up as a reason to take some new couple photos before the event! My sister was kind enough to snap some new ones for us, and I’m quite happy with how they’ve turned out.  Since our last photos I’ve gotten my hair cut short and Jacob...

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Vintage Sweetheart Jewelry

While I am a fan of the occasional milso shirt or accessory, sometimes I want to wear something that doesn’t scream “MILITARY WIFE!” and instead is a bit more subtle.  I’ve discovered so many incredible vintage pieces that allow me to rock my military pride in a classy, not-so-obvious way in my outfits. Personally, I think a lot of these are way prettier than modern military pride accessories out there today. Check out some of the fun pieces below, and know there’s plenty more available!  If you want to know where to find things like this or have something specific...

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5 Lesser-Known Bible Passages to Combat Anxiety

It is time for midterms over here, which means that my average blood pressure goes up a little. Even if you are not a student, anxiety can be a heavy weight that can bring you to a grinding halt if you try to carry it for too long. If you clicked on this article, you probably know that unsettled emotions can prevent you from sleeping, make you edgy or irritable, or simply unpleasant to be around. When I begin to realize that I am experiencing anxiety, fear, or large amounts of stress, I like to review these five verses...

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6 Ways to Love Your Husband from Afar

Where are my warrior women at?!  This post accompanies our previous post 6 Ways to Love Your Wife from Afar, but it’s geared toward you ladies that are serving your country and the men you’ve left behind to hold down the home front.  These guys are a rarer few, but they’re doing their part and fighting stereotypes and expectations while they do it.  You can do quite a lot with just an internet connection and a credit card!  They deserve to be appreciated for all of their hard work, and here are some ways you can show love to...

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